I Need A Stunt Double!

It was a very busy month of July: CT rehearsals, CT performances, school work, podcasts and blog posts, and normal work! Anyone want to take a few days in August and work/march/play for me? 😉 I signed up for a program called 'Code Louisville': a free, 12-week program where you learn the basics of coding … Continue reading I Need A Stunt Double!

Inside the Terrordome: Cardiac Ablation

For 5 weeks, I have dealt with an Atria Flutter, a type of arrhythmic heart beat that's not not quite as severe as Atrial Fibrillation. A Flutter is where the top part of your heart beats out of rhythm (usually faster) than the bottom part. There are a few causes for Atria Flutter but from … Continue reading Inside the Terrordome: Cardiac Ablation

40 ’til 40: “Honored by Friends” #15 – #17

3 more moments (a day or 2 late); this time, they are good times with old Work, High School, and College friends. Thank you, all involved! #15: Afternoons with the Beldens and Wingfelds In 2008 - I don't exactly remember when - I got the chance to meet up with Lorne, after a few delays … Continue reading 40 ’til 40: “Honored by Friends” #15 – #17