“Night Walks”: Motivational Video

I was looking at a friend's Facebook page and came across a video that she had posted. It was a speech at a graduation ceremony by Denzel Washington. Interspersed with clips from some of his movies, Denzel talks about how he was flunking out of college, how a "look" from a woman at his Mom's … Continue reading “Night Walks”: Motivational Video

Inside The NEW Terrordome!

Louisville is recovering from an ice and snow "storm" as I settle into my in my own apartment again. Hey, 3-4" of snow and ice is more than we've had in nearly 2 years! Song: "City Living" by Hypnotic Brass Ensemble It's a Christmas Miracle - Louisville started 2018 with 5 DAYS without a homicide! ... and … Continue reading Inside The NEW Terrordome!

“Night Walks/Day Trip”: Adventures In Moving I

Somehow, the 2+ week period between finding out that I was approved for the new apartment and Moving Day is now down to 1 week. Kinda fits in with theme of 2017 flying by. I am hoping to finish most of the packing by Friday. I won't be home on Saturday, the latter half of … Continue reading “Night Walks/Day Trip”: Adventures In Moving I