“Night Walks”: ‘Spring Break’

Last Saturday, I had to Google my school's Spring Break dates; I simply had forgotten about the break, with all of the work involved with school, work, and 2 different blogs and podcasts. Once Spring Break arrived, it was a slightly pleasant surprise. Spring Break did not involve any kind of traveling, partying, or anything … Continue reading “Night Walks”: ‘Spring Break’

“Night Walks”: Schedule Change

I am halfway through Week 4 of the semester. On this week's menu, still: 3 exams, all due Sunday night: Systems Security II (on Cryptography), Systems Development II (basics of Java programming), and Telecommunications II (on IP packets) 2 quizzes, by Sunday, on Java and Mobile Security Finish a paper on Housing in Different Cultures, … Continue reading “Night Walks”: Schedule Change

“Night Walks/Day Trip”: Adventures In Moving I

Somehow, the 2+ week period between finding out that I was approved for the new apartment and Moving Day is now down to 1 week. Kinda fits in with theme of 2017 flying by. I am hoping to finish most of the packing by Friday. I won't be home on Saturday, the latter half of … Continue reading “Night Walks/Day Trip”: Adventures In Moving I

“Night Walks”: ‘And So It Begins’

(Tuesday 2:40 AM) Technically, Finals Week starts on Monday, December 4th, but I actually have a Final in about 11 1/2 hours. In the next 9 days: 2 HW assignments (Database Admin II and Systems Security) 1 Quiz (Security) 1 Exam (Security); I nearly failed the Systems Design Exam earlier 4 Finals (including the Telecom … Continue reading “Night Walks”: ‘And So It Begins’