A Look Back at the 2010’s in 30 Days

To wrap up the year and the decade, I figured that a fun “little” project would be to pick out 30 events that had a big impact on me throughout this, write something about them (or link to a previous post about it), and add an impactful and/or well-liked song, book that I read, and possibly a movie or game that I watched/played frequently. These will be listed in no particular order.


#1: Target: Phoenix Remodel and Recovery

I worked for Target from October 1996 to January 2013, but with a few periods where I wasn’t with the company for a few months. The first one was for almost 5 months b/c of school (more on that in a later post). The 2nd period is the subject of this post.

In 2008, our store was slated for a “Phoenix Remodel”: rather than keep the shell of the building and remodel he insides, it would be totally torn down in February 2009, with a new building going up, the parking lot structure completely redone, and even some improvements to the streets nearest it (Westport Road and Thierman Lane) made. Employees had some options, once the store closed:

  1. Retire, which a few people did
  2. Quit, which some people (including my sister) did
  3. Relocate to another Target store, with the option of returning when the new store opened; a lot of people took that option

I took a 4th option: some workers took a Separation Package. We were paid a lump sum, based on years work and level in the store, but could not work for any other Target store for at least  6 months. This option helped 2-fold:

It cured me of a severe case of burnout. I had gotten promoted a year or so before, but I was starting to tire of retail and some of the policies, as well as the long hours spent on public transit going to/from work each week.

Even bigger, the Separation package closed a few big bills that had lingered for years, including a cell phone bill and catching up with rent.

How do these tie in to the 2010’s? Well, I went back to Target in September 2009 and throughout 9 months of 2010. It was on my way to work when I really realized that something was wrong with my heart. That story will be re-linked/retold later. The new store is still in place and, after another small “retro-fixes” looks as good as ever.


Song: “Bella’s Boogaloo (Remix)” by Teddy Presburg

This song was a random find on Spotify, about 3 or 4 years ago. It has been in heavy play since then, from used as walking music to played as background music at home to bus music.

Book: “The Ballad of Black Tom”

Linked above is the review I wrote on the Lovecraft-esque short story by Victor LaValle. It was an easy read and the back half of the story just went all kinds of crazy and eerie. Give it a read!

Game: “Prey”

I have not finish this game. It makes the list because it was the first game that I attempted (and failed) to write a walk-through for. Nevertheless, it is an awesome game! The atmosphere is great, by itself; add in the intrigue on the space station (and off…) and you have a great mix of genres that should keep you entertained for days!

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