“Prey” Walk-through, Part II

I made it to the lobby of Talos I in the first part of this walkthrough. In this part, I start to make my way through the lobby, piece by Mimic-filled piece. First, some Housekeeping.


Like I mentioned before: this isn’t an “official” walkthorugh. ‘Prey’ offers you the chances to take different paths through it; this walkthrough is just the path that I took, although I will note where paths diverge.

Also, I will try to limit plot spoilers (such as various emails on workers’ workstations or the results of certain videos) but some cannot be avoided. I’ll put up a banner for those unavoidable, big spoilers.

Lobby Layout

The Talos I Lobby is a massive, 4-story area. There is a Grand Staircase that leads you down from the Testing Facility Lobby to the Talos I Lobby 1st Story. In the center of the Lobby, there is a malfunctioning Lift, which “January” later informs you that someone or something is deliberately disabling it. On the back side of the Lift, there is a Security Booth.

Starting at the stairs, going to the left, the layout on the 1st floor is:

  • Left:
    • Psychotronics
    • Employee Orientation
    • a back hallway that leads to the Restrooms and Psychotronics Staff Only room
    • a Left Staircase
  • along the Back Wall:
    • Security
    • Lounge Area
    • Shuttle Bay
  • Right (from the Back):
    • Right Staircase
    • Transtar Exhibit area
    • Security Booth


Left Side



There is a small waiting area in front of the Psychotronics room. On one of the sofas, there is a Briefcase with Shotgun Shells. However, the Psychotronics door is locked – you will need to find a Key Card or some other means of entry.

Employee Orientation


Employee Orientation is a jealousy-inspiring plush room, on first sight, with comfortable couches, plush walls, and an air of comfort. Until you notice that the room was trashed.

And there are Mimics. 3 of them. Use your Wrench to kill them… but be careful: the harder and more often you swing, the faster your Stamina runs out. Dealing with 3 Mimics and a depleted Stamina Bar is not recommended. In the back of the room, there is a door that leads to the Back Hallway.

Back Hallway

This hallway branches off to the left, at back of the left side of the Lobby. On the wall of the Hallway is a MediKit; down the hall is the above-mentioned Orientation door and a room marked Psychotronics Staff Only. The room’s door is blocked by steel beams.

Left Staircase


In the corner, next to Security and the Restrooms, is the Left Staircase. It leads to the Left Side – 2nd Floor (with I.T. Division and Human Resourcesand the Left Side – 3rd Floor (with Sales Division).

Along the Back Wall, next to the Back Hallway, there is a Security room, a Lounge Area, and the Shuttle BaY.

The Lounge Area has some comfortable looking couches and chairs set up around a table. To the right, there is an automated Turret, which will open fire on any Mimics, Phantoms, or other “alien presence” detected. Scattered in this area are up to 4 Mimics. Let the Turret take out as many Mimics as possible, before you mop up the rest. Loot their bodies for Typhon Organs.


In the center of the Back Wall area is the Shuttle Bay area. Go down the few steps to find the body of Bianca Goodwin (who only has Food Wastes on her). Down the Bay hall, there is another Turret on the left and Ticket Windows on the right. Inside one of the windows is a Dungeons & Dragons play sheet, complete with character and description:


I’ don’t know if you need it for anything but pick it up, anyway. The Bay door is locked (need a Key Card) but there’s a body in front of the doors – Mischa Lavarez, who has Frayed Wire, Spare Parts, and possibly an EMP Charge on her. That EMP will knock out anything electronic in the area for a few seconds.

The Security door is locked – you’ll need a Key Card or combination to get in, which I hadn’t found at this point.

Right Side

Right Staircase


These stairs also led to the 2nd and 3rd floors: the Staff Lounge and Trauma Center (2nd) and the Executive Offices and Teleconference Center (3rd).


Transtar Exhibit


This is a long, museum-type room, displaying various pieces that are/were relevant to Transtar. On one wall are couches, with flammable canisters sitting next to them, strangely. On the other wall, there are posters of significant dates in Transtar history (and, if your character walks in front of them, you get an audio presentation of each date. Neat!). On one of the displays, a Neuromod sits. Somewhere in the room is the body of Alice Aiken. Also, you might find a MediKit on he back wall. Nothing much else is in the room.

(Note: I’ll point out again that bodies, items, and even creatures, may not exactly be in the same spot on each play-through)

You may also have your first encounter with a new enemy: the 7-foot-tall version of a Mimic, the Phantom. These creatures can hit at close range or blast you with some kind of psychic damage from a distance. It was hitting me up close for 15-25 points, with some hitting for up to 40 points; the psychic blasts were hitting for 20-40 points. You do have some advantages:

  1. When attacking from afar, it takes the Phantom about 1.5-2 seconds to fire, with a glow showing up in front of its face when it’s charging up. Use that time to dodge
  2. The GLOO Cannon. Immobilize it, run up and get 2 or 3 good whacks in with the Wrench (if you don’t have anything stronger, which I didn’t), switch back to the Cannon, run away, and repeat

Security Booth

The Booth has a MediKit, facing the Shuttle Bay. There is also a Turret in the area.

If you want, search the 1st floor again for any other items, then head towards one of the staircases. I had 2 Objectives in my queue – 1. Find Bellamy’s corpse in the Trauma Center and 2. Watch the video in the 3rd Floor Offices – so I took the staircase that didn’t have Objective rooms attached to it: the Left Staircase.

The 2nd Floor

Left Side – 2nd Floor

There are two rooms on the 2nd Floor, reached by this staircase. Both are locked or blocked but one can be entered… if you used your Neuromods in the ‘correct’ way. The I.T. Division room is locked and you need a Key Card to unlock it (these key card-locked rooms are adding up). Human Resources is not locked but a very heavy couch is blocking the door. There are 2 ways to move: if you used your Neuromods to get ‘Leverage II’, you can simply drag the couch out of the way. Otherwise, you can blow it up. Remember those explosive canisters on the 1st floor? Go back, grab one, and put it near the couch. Use the Wrench to hit it (very dangerous!!), a gun to shoot it, or throw something at, and it should blow the couch up. Inside the room, there wasn’t much. The room was pitch black; I didn’t run into any Mimics or Phantoms, but I also didn’t linger in the room. There was a MediKit, just inside the door.

I then headed to the Right Staircase – 2nd Floor.

Right Staircase – 2nd Floor

The 2nd floor, on this side, has the Lounge and the Trauma Center. The Lounge is barred by the same bars that the Psychotronics Staff Only room had. On the other hand, the Trauma Center is open and unlocked. We will come back to the Trauma Center; there is a lot to this section, so it will get its own section. For now, we’ll head to the 3rd Floor.

The 3rd Floor

I crossed back to the Left Staircase first, then went up to its 3rd floor.

Left Side – 3rd Floor

Both rooms on this side are locked and need keys: Sales and Maintenance Only.

Right Side – 3rd Floor

There are 2 rooms at the top of this staircase: Teleconferencing Center and Executive Offices. Teleconferencing Center is locked, initially. Executive Offices are open.

Executive Offices

[PIC] Eerie music starts playing as you enter the Offices. There are 4 offices in this area: Goodwin; Bellamy; Chang; and Morgan Yu’s – your office.

Closest to the entrance is Goodwin’s Office. It is strangely untouched, compared to most of what you’ve seen so far. You’ll find a workstation with 3 emails on the computer, the Trauma Center Keycard (finally, a Keycard!), an Apple or other assorted Food, and Haskins’ Keycode: ‘5542’.

Next is the dark, padded-walled(?) office of Bellamy. There is a functioning speaker and radio, that will play music if you turn it on, on the left side of the room, as you enter it. You’ll also find a Note, a Journal, and a workstation with 1 email. “January” will then call you and give you the Code to Morgan Yu’s Office. For my play-through, it was “0451”.

Jason Chang’s office is to the right of the main hallway, out in a lobby area. This area is trashed, and has at least one Mimic hiding in plain sight; it will have Shotgun Shells on its corpse. Searching the area, you’ll find a workstation with 1 email, a Note with the workstation’s password, and maybe a Food Waste, like a Banana Peel.

Use the password from January to enter your office.


The office actually has 2 parts: the main area and a Lab of some kind, off to the left. The Lab has tables on either side of it, and a Recycling Bin/Fabricator at the back of the room. It is a treasure room for usable items: on the tables are Wrench Fabrication Plans, Yu’s Suite Keycard, a MediKit, GLOO Cannon Fabrication Plans (handy!!), Frayed Wires, Burnt Circuits, and Burned Circuit Boards. Those wires, boards, and any “junk” that you’ve picked up (Banana and Lemon Peels, etc.) can now go into the Recycling Bin; it’ll spit out cubes of Organic Material and Inorganic Material, which now can go into the Fabricator. Depending on how much Material of each you have, you can now create items and weapons at the Fabricator… such the aforementioned GLOO Cannon ammo. Read those new plans, make what you can, and head back to the main part of the office.

Search this area thoroughly. There is a safe on the wall; in it are Spare Parts and Weapons Upgrade. On the desk is a workstation with 3 emails and a utility, 3 Neuromods (now would be a great time to use them), the Teleconferencing Keycard, and a Note. Most importantly, the workstation has the video that you need to watch.

The Video


There is your Spoiler Warning.

The video is of you sitting… somewhere… talking to yourself. You explain that the memory lapses that you’ve suffering throughout the game are the result of the Neromods: if you remove a Neurmod, your memory is basically reset back to when you used it…. but you don’t get any memories back of the time when you had the Neuromod. It’s almost like a System restore for a PC. The video also states that “January” can be trusted: it is some kind of AI or memory imprint of the times (plural) your memory was reset by a Neuromod. Finally, the video states:

Alex cannot be trusted.

Before it can explain why, the video feed is cut. Alex calls you and says that “you didn’t need to see that” and to stay put, as he is coming to you. January calls, says that Alex is blocking him from restoring the feed, and that you need to head to the Hardware Labs, find Dr. Calvino’s workshop, and fix the feed from there.

This is as good of place to stop as any. You now should have at least 3 new Keycards, a new Objective, and new areas to open and explore. Part 3 will walk through the Trauma Center (now that we have the key), the Teleconference Center, explore the 3rd floor, and make out way to the Hardware Labs.

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