“Prey” Walk-through, Part I

I had previously written a few posts on my play-through of the PC game, ‘Prey’. However, I found myself missing rooms, missing items, not remembering where I found a few important items, and ending up with some disjointed posts.

I started a new game, explored more areas that I left behind, and took better notes. Hopefully, it leads to a better walkthrough… and hopefully, you’ll read it and enjoy it. 

“From the Apartment to the Executive Offices”

Tutorial: The Apartment

You start the game in bed, waking up as your alarm clock radio goes off. However, before you get to that point, you have to pick your Game Difficulty and sex. There are different settings of difficulty that determine how hard the enemies hit, if your suit and weapons degrade (and by how much, and how quickly), and how much Health you find. I chose the “Story Mode”: Normal. In this mode, weapons and suits don’t degrade, and everything else is set for story narrative, rather than survival.

Next, pick your gender. Your name will remain “Morgan Yu”, regardless.

Once those choices are made, you then wake up in your apartment. Alex, your brother, calls you and welcomes you to the team, seemingly glad that you are… wherever you are. Once you finish the call, take time to get used to the controls by walking, climbing, jumping, and picking up and dropping (or throwing) items. Your apartment is not terribly small: the wall in front of your bed is glass, leading to a balcony; to your right is a closet; to your left is the kitchen area, the bathroom (on the far wall), and a good-sized TV on the wall, between the bathroom and the glass front. The door leading out of your apartment is between your bed and the kitchen.

Explore the different appliances (they work), check doors and cabinets for food, drinks, and snacks (all replenish your health), and read some of the magazines and journals laying about. If you find burned out parts and wires, grab them – they can be used later. Also, check the computer workstation: there are a few emails on there that might be of interest. Once you are comfortable with controls and items found, grab the space suit that’s hanging on your front door (completing your first Objective) and head out.

Tutorial: The Testing Facility


Starting from this point, there may be some spoilers, although I will try to keep big ones to a minimum. I will put up some kind of graphic before anything big is revealed.

Outside your apartment, there is a Maintenance Worker that greets you in the hallway. Head to the elevator, confirm “Roof” as the destination, exit the building, and board the helicopter. This ends the “Introduction”, as credits are cleverly placed in the Bay as you fly over the city (see above picture).

You land on the roof of the Testing Facility; exit the copter, enter the elevator, go down to the lobby of the Testing Facility, and meet up with your brother, Alex.


Alex greets you warmly and informs you that you have to go through some non-routine tests that are still routine.


You play along and head around the corner to the four rooms where the tests are held:

  1. Remove 3 boxes from a circle on the floor… in 9 seconds
  2. Go across the room and push a button… in 9 seconds
  3. Hide in a room (that only has a chair)
  4. Take a short test on a computer

The scientists conducting the tests, led by Dr. Bellamy, are clearly looking for certain results, and are surprised when you don’t produce them, no matter what you do produce.

During the 4th test, Dr. Bellamy asks for some coffee. Pay particular close attention to the room where Bellamy is, especially on the table beside him. “Something” happens (I won’t spoil it), the rooms – theirs and yours – are gassed, and you pass out.

Apartment, Part 2

You wake back up in your apartment, not wearing your suit, not knocking what the flip just happened. You can take this to re-search your apartment for items, if you want. Grab your suit, put it on, walk out the door…


… and into a nightmare.

The power is out. The advertising screens are out. The maintenance worker that you talked to, at the beginning of the game? Dead… and horribly mutated! Search her for the Wrench, a heavy-duty Monkey Wrench that doubles as a clubbing device. Press the Mouse 1 button to swing it, hold Mouse 1 for extra “oomph”, although your Stamina will also take a hit.

You then get a call from a mysterious figure named “January”. January tells you 2 important things:

1. The incident that happened in the Testing Facility? That was real.

2. You are in danger -get out of your apartment.

One problem: the hallway to the elevator is no longer there.


The elevator is gone, the hallway to the elevator is gone… so there’s only one way out: your apartment. Try the glass balcony door. It’s locked, so try bashing it with your Wrench. The entire wall shatters.


The Labs

You were not in your apartment, you were in some kind of simulation lab… and it looks like it’s been ransacked. You get a new Objective: get out of the area, which “January” emphasizes with a phone call shortly afterwards.

“Prey” is about having choices, and here is the first instance where your choices can branch you off in different directions.

There are different hallways that lead to the Simulation Labs, Sound Check Stages, and other parts of this gigantic area. Most of the hallways will lead to Lobby but I’d suggest exploring. Also, search everywhere and pick up everything: even if it’s a Banana Peel, you can recycle them to make everything from ammo to weapons to MediKits, later in the game. The game seems like it generates random items, so I can’t provide a precise list of stuff you’ll find. What found included: Food Wastes (Banana Peels, Lemon Rinds, and Wrappings); Broken Parts (Frayed Wiring and Burnt Circuit Boards); Workstations (computers that had a mix of emails, diagnostics, and utilities that you can read or interact with); MediKits (restores 25 Health points); Food and Drink (including Beer, Wine, and Snacks; restores 1-5 Health each); and Neruomods (unlocks special abilities, including Hacking, Stealth, and Leverage). Tooltips about the Wrench and game play will also pop up in this section.

You also have your first personal encounters with the inky-black, ooze-like creatures called “Mimics”. They can take the shapes of nearly anything, so be careful what you grab or step on.

Eventually, you’ll come to the locked exit door to the Lobby: either locate the Key Card for the door or find an alternate way out. The Key Card seemed like the easier option, so I went with that. It can be found in one of the offices near the locked door. Pick it up, unlock the door, and head towards the Lobby.


End of the Beginning: The Lobby

This section ends the “beginning” chapter of the game.

Lying on the ground, a few feet in, is the GLOO Cannon; pick it up. It can snuff of fires, close circuit, or immobilize creatures for a few seconds.


Around the corner from the GLOO Cannon is the Lobby. It’s a pretty big, open area, with a couple of rooms off to the side. There are also at least 4 Mimics, some of which are in disguise. “January” calls and informs you that a Neuromod is in a display case, on the far side of the room. Defeat the Mimics (using a combination of GLOO Cannon and 2-4 whacks from the Wrench, per Mimic), search the rooms (there wasn’t much in them), and grab the Neuromod. You can use it upgrade yourself immediately or save it – your choice. The exit from this level is a few feet away. Leaving will take you to the Talos I Lobby… and the true beginning of “Prey”.

Part 2 will focus on the Talos I, starting with the 1st floor Lobby.

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