Review/Walk-Through: “Prey”, Part III

Sometimes, you have to take a step back before you move forward. You also should save your game progress multiple times. Pretty profound, for me. Anyway…. I backtracked to an earlier save (more on that in a bit), then moved back through sections of the Talos Lobby, ending up with some valuable info that I had missed before. All of the details are below. And again: while I won’t reveal everything, there will be some spoilers.

Link to Part I: HERE

Link to Part II: HERE


Housekeeping, First

First, the backtrack: I was at the Fire Creature that I mentioned in Part II (I think it’s a “Fire Phantom”) but with little more than the GLOO Gun and the Wrench. I went back to the save that I made when I first headed towards the Lobby, about 2/3 of the way through Part I, before I found the GLOO Gun. I was mainly searching the rooms and halls deeper for weapons but actually found some items that I missed. Here’s the breakdown of what I found:

  • I found extra Neuromods; I used them to increase my Security and Engineering
  • In the Simulation Labs, on a workstation, I found audio files. While there wasn’t anything of extreme importance, the files were interesting
  • BellamyEmail1 In Bellamy’s office, on his workstation, I read the above email. 
  • When you pick up the GLOO Gun, there are GLOO… Globs(?) on the left wall, and a file cabinet leaning iver. Run up the file cabinet.

    At the top of cabinet is a body; loot it for various items, including shotgun shells.

  • Once you reach the lobby where you found the first Neuromod:
    • you’ll find the Transcribe from the body of Gage in the Conference Room. You’ll also find at least 2 Mimics
    • There is a set of Restrooms; the Men’s Restrooms are blocked off by crates. If you upgrade to Leverage I, you can move those crates out of the way, crouch down, and squeeze between the top of the heavier crates and the opening of the doorway, to get inside the restrooms. You’ll run across a Mimic with shotgun shells.


Return to the Talos Lobby

I went back to the Lobby 2nd Floor, only to find that the previously unlock Trauma Center was locked. Remember that quest that I found, asking me to find Dr. Bellamy? It took me to the Executive Offices on the 3rd Floor… the same place that “January” was sending me earlier (Part II post).


Executive Offices

Enter the doorway. Across from you is the office of Dr. Bianca Goodwin; around the corner, on the right, is Dr. Sylvian Bellamy’s office, on the left is Dr. Gravilovic’s office; down the hall is your office, with a reception area/lobby off to the right.


Dr. Goodwin’s office is similar to other offices you’ve run across: large, plush, and with a workstation. On her desk is the Key Card to the Trauma Center. There isn’t much else of note in her office, other than a document or two that you can read.


In Dr. Gravilovic’s office, the main things of interest were his emails. One of them led to a quest to find Dr. Bellamy’s body (pictured below). This should wrap up the mystery of what happened to him after his “coffee” attacked him.


Dr. Bellamy’s office was different than most other offices. For starters, it was padded.


The office was also smaller than the other offices, and it was very dark. 
Check his emails – you’ll get a call from January, shortly after. He gives you the code to unlock your office, since your memory is still shaky (why it’s shaky hasn’t been explained yet).


Your (Morgan Yu’s) Office

Finally, there is your office. Your office is much larger than other offices, as you are the VP  and Director of Research:



The file that January wanted you to watch is on the Workstation at your desk. Before you watch the video, search your office (that felt weird typing it – shouldn’t you already know what’s in your office?). The multi-level office had wires, spare parts (which are used to repair weapons), corroded coils, and other odds and ends that can be used in the room off to the side. It looks like a Personal Laboratory. In it, you’ll find a MediKit, a Recycling Bin, and a Fabricator. You can put all of those Corroded Wires and Burnt Circuit Boards, plus other items, in the Recycling Bin, press Start on a screen, and they will be transformed in into Organic, Metallic, and other “Materials”, in the shapes of spheres and cubes. These items can then be put into the Fabricator and, depending on what plans you have or have found, turned into useful items, such as MediKits or ammo. For example, there is a plan for GLOO Gun Ammo, hanging on the wall – it makes ammo for the GLOO Gun, if you have Organic and other Materials. There is also Weapons Upgrade sitting on the Lab table.

Once you’ve searched the Lab and the rest of the office, go to the Workstation desk. On the desk is a Key Card to the Teleconferencing Room, as well as a note:


The big item in this room is the video:


I will not spoil everything that the video shows. I will, however, give these points:

– “January” is not what he seems… but is trustworthy.

– Alex, your brother, may not be what he seems…. and may not be trustworthy. 

– The video feed is cut. By Alex.

Alex then calls you. He basically wishes that he could have told you in person what the video showed and told and wants you to hold tight – he’s coming to meet you. January doesn’t think that that’s a good idea and wants you to head to Teleconferencing, while he works on restoring the video feed. There is apparently more information on the video that needs to be seen. Off to Teleconferencing you go!

Teleconferencing Room


This room is dominated by a meeting table in the center of the room, along with a transparent screen of some kind, hanging above the table. On the far right corner of the room is a door; in front of the door, there are monitors. To your left, inside the room, is a body. In front of you is another body; between you and that body are at least 2 Mimics, who attack as soon as the door opens. Dispatch the Mimics but beware: one more is hiding in the room. Once you take care of the final Mimic, search the room and the bodies:


On Elias Black’s body, you find the 9mm Silenced Pistols, along with bullets. Since this is the first “offensive” weapon that I’ve found, I now have the means to take on that Fire Phantom and the Langly Phantom in the Trauma Center!


You also get this tip that pops up when you are in the room:


Once the room is searched to your content, head back to the Trauma Center, unlock it, and go in.

Return to the Trauma Center

There is still nothing laying around on the Trauma Center Waiting Area floor, and the previously locked rooms will remain locked (unless you found Key Cards for them). The main thing in the Waiting Room is the Workstation (that I ignored the first time): it is a Security Workstation. It has a roster of everyone that should be in a particular area and each person has Tracking Bracelet; if you click on a name, you get a quest to find them and their Bracelet (or their body). You apparently only track one person at a time. Experiment with who you want to track. Also, the code to the Quarantine Room is on this station: “6672”.

Go down one of the hallways and confront those 2 Phantoms. I died many times fighting these 2 before, and found out a few things. First:

  • GLOO holds “Langly” for about 10 seconds but only holds the Fire Phantom for 4-5 seconds. If you only have the Wrench and GLOO Cannon, you’d better be ab;e to sprint to the Fire Phantom, whack it a few times, and run away. However….
  • … the Fire Phantom has an aura around it that damages you. So, beware.
  • The “Langly” Phantom is muttering! I couldn’t quite make out everything it’s saying but I do know that it’s in English. Interesting….
  • The “Langly” Phantom fires a psychic blast that can hit from 15-20 points (as a glancing blow) to 35-40 (direct hit). There is about a 1.5 second delay from when the blast charges up to when it is fired – use that delay to dodge or duck behind something
  • The Fire Phantom uses a version of a “Flamestrike” to hit for 20-25 (glancing), up to 45-55 (direct). With 54 health (at one point), I was one-shot by that Flamestrike. However, it also has a “charge up” delay of about 2 seconds: the floor will glow orange and red in the area that the attack will happen. Dodge it, then attack (or run).

I found an ally in this fight: exploding canisters. Throughout this central area, there are red canisters against the wall, as well as a gas pipe on the right side of the left hallway wall. Shooting those canisters, while an enemy is nearby, will result in massive damage. Remember those containers of goo that were everywhere in the Doom franchise? These canisters work similarly to them. Lure one or both of the Phantoms near canister, then shoot the canister. The explosion should take nearly 3/4 of the Fire Phantom’s health and might kill “Langly” outright. Mop up the Fire Phantom and loot their bodies!

Quarantine Room

Looking at the central room from either Trauma Center hallway, there is a short hallway to the left of the central room. At the end of the hall is the Quarantine Room; unlock it with the code given to you.


The room is actually 2 rooms. The first room is small, with a plate glass wall that lets you look into the actual quarantine room…. and that room is occupied:


There is a Mimic on the face of Trevor Young! And I didn’t find anything that you could do to save Young. As you enter the 2nd room, Young walks towards you… and his head explodes. He dies in the process and you may take some serious damage, if you aren’t careful – I took nearly 70 points of health damage. Young has very little on him; neither room had much in terms of items – you might find another Psi Hypo (which increases psychic abilities). What you do find of interest is what’s carved into the wall:


“Devries” is a name that’s popped up more than once in emails. “7324”? That might be some kind of keypad code. Nevertheless, that’s all you fine in Quarantine, so head back out, search the central area again (if you want), and leave the Trauma Center. Stop by the Security Workstation on the way out and click on Devries’ name; the quest you lick up should point you to the next major area of the station: The Hardware Labs.

The background music is pretty eerie and awesome throughout, especially on the 3rd floor. It’s also nice to have a firearm in the inventory; the GLOO Cannon is a nice defensive weapon but getting up close and personal with the Wrench is not always the method of choice for me. The info found in emails, notes, and books is starting to tell a tale about Talos, Transtar, and the Yu family, but there’s still too much info missing to know exactly what’s going on. Pay particular close attention to that video file in your office.

Part IV will focus on the Hardware Labs and what may or may not be in them.

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