Review: “Prey”, Part II

Around the Lobby

Part I led us from Morgan Yu’s apartment to the Lobby of the testing facilities of Transtar. Part II will look at what is in and around the Lobby. Hint: you had better had sufficient Health Restores.

Once again, this is how I played through this section – it may not be the way you choose to go. The game does offer many times where different choices can be made.

Also, there will be some spoilers. 



From Part I, you descend a grand stair case into the Lobby proper (above pics). This is a bigger area than those pictures represent. There are at least 3 levels to the lobby; we will start on the first level.

Level 1 is divided into 3 sections: the Left, the Center, and the Right, based on the character having their backs to the Grand Staircase.

Left side


On the Left side, you have the “Psychtronics” Room, the “Employee Orientation” room, and (at the back of the section) stairs leading up.

  1. Psychotronics


Psychotronics is the first room you come to, on the left. Unfortunately, it’s also the first locked room you come to. You will have to find some way to unlock the room. However, you will find Shotgun Shells in a briefcase on the bench outside of the room. 

2. Employment Orientation


Employment Orientation is not locked. It is, in fact, a pretty stylish room, full of bookcases and leather couches.

On the left of the room, there are couches, bookcases lining the wall, mirrors (not interactive), a water cooler (with Russian writing), and at least 1 Mimic. The center of the room has a projector and a door on the far wall… but be careful: there are Mimics in this part of the room, and they aren’t immediately visible as Mimics. The right side of the room has a Neuromod screen being projected from the Projector. I did not find anything of value in this room, unless you count what was looted from the Mimics.

Once you search the room (and maybe find something that I missed), exit through the door on the far side of the room. This leads to the Restrooms and the stairs that I mentioned earlier.

3. Restrooms

These are some of the plushest bathrooms in video gamedom. Plush towels on the sinks, stalls that could double as changing rooms in other places… they are nice. Other than working sinks and toilets, there was nothing of value in the Women’s Restroom. In the Men’s Restroom, you should find a MediKit (and you might need it, at this point), 9mm bullets, and 2 Mimics that might be posing as a Janitor’s bucket. You should also find “The Space Reader”, a magazine with some interesting info.




The Center of the Lobby is dominated by the Shuttle Bay. You will find another body of a scientist in the hallway leading to the Bay. There is a working gun Turret to the left, ticket windows to the right, and the locked Bay door ahead. More importantly, you will find the EMP Charge on the body. The EMP Charge will knock out electronic devices – keep it handy.


Right Side


The Right Side of the Lobby is where things get… interesting. 

  1. Transtar Exhibit


The Transtar Exhibit (6 pictures above) is a museum for the founding of the Transtar Corporation. Throughout the room, there are artifacts, armor, and other items inside display cases. There is also your first up-and-close confrontation with a Phantom.

The bottom pic is the view from the Lobby. To the left: a couch/bench, displays, large windows; down the center: display cases and a lurking Phantom; to the right, large screens, with audio commentary, that describe the history of Transtar, once you walk across tiles on the floor. In the first left display, there is a Neuromod.

The Phantom is a 6-7 foot tall Mimic, in essence. It has melee attacks but it also has a very strong mental energy-type attack; those attacks hit me for 15-25 points each. When you only have 50 or so health points, 2 of those energy blasts will wreck your world very quickly. A suggested method to counteract the Phantom’s attacks: the GLOO gun. It will encase the Phantom for a few seconds, long enough for you to heal up (if necessary) and whack it with the Wrench. This will also knock the GLOO casing off of it but you should be able to inflict quite a bit of damage on it. Run/dodge, get to a better vantage point, repeat the GLOO gun/Wrench combo, and the Phantom should fall. An alternate method is to GLOO the Phanton, run out into the lower section of the Lobby (where a Turret is set up), and have the Turret do damage until the Phantom gets ticked and lights it up; then GLOO the Phantom and beat it with the Wrench. Loot the body; you will find the Weapons Upgrade.

Also on the right side of the Lobby is the Security room. It is locked, though.

I searched the rooms (that I could) on the 1st Level, so I took the back stairs to the 2nd Level.

2nd Level

There are 2 staircases that lead to the 2nd Level. The left side stairs lead to the HR Room and the IT Security Room:


The stairs on the right side lead to the Trauma Center and other areas:


Left Staircase (IT Route)

Climb the staircase… into a whole lot of (initial) nothing. The IT room is on the left, the HR room is on the right. The IT room is locked via key pad, the HR room is blocked by a couch. You could move the couch if you have a Leverage rank of at least 1; since I haven’t found a way to increase Leverage, the room remained blocked.

Right Staircase (Trauma Center Route)

Up the right staircase you go. At the top of the stairs, the Staff Lounge is on the right, the Trauma Center is on the left. The Staff Lounge door is blocked by metal beams.


 The Trauma Center is open. There is another body, just outside the door – loot it.


Looking in the Trauma Center:

Left side: there is some kind of medical cart; a desk with a monitor; and a doorway… where something on fire walked by!

Center: there’s a body by the desk; a couch, table, and screen by the back wall; and some scattered trash on the floor

Right: there’s a display case on the wall; there’s also a Medical board on the wall; and there’s a doorway.

Search this room!

Both doorways lead to a central area, so I’ll look at the left hallway, first. The right hallway will end up on Part III.

Trauma Center: Left Hallway

There are two offices down this hallway, both on the left wall:


Henry Devries’s office is the first one you come to. It is locked… but you find the code to his office in the 2nd office, that of Mathias Kohl. Inside Kohl’s office, you’ll find a computer with emails and sound files. Listen to these files to get some info about the psychiatric issues some of the scientists were dealing with. There are also a few miscellaneous items in the room, including shotgun shells. However, you may get a visit from 2 not-wanted entities: the thing that was on fire and a Phantom with a name: “Garfield Langly”! The Fire Phantom – because “???” appears in the name area – hits harder than normal Phantoms, while “Langly” hits like any other Phantom. Hopefully, you only have to deal with one at a time, and can employ the “GLOO – Wrench” technique, without taking too much damage. If both attack at once, you might be in some serious trouble, even with an Upgraded Wrench or GLOO Gun, at this early stage.

I am glad that the game wasted no time in throwing Mimics at you, not because I’m some kind of sadist but because I wanted to see if I could withstand enemy attacks with only a Wrench and the Gloo Gun. I am not ready to be fighting whatever that Fire thing was; hopefully I can Gloo it and search that back central area for something to defeat it, before it breaks free.

Speaking of that area, Part III will deal with that area, the right-side hallway in the Trauma Center, the unlocking of Dr. Dervies’s office, and the 3rd level of the Lobby, as well as any other encounters I may have and any other areas I may explore.


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