Home: The Apartment on 3rd Street

Nearly 3 years ago, I wrote a post about my former home on York Street, preceded by a post about my home on 34th and Broadway. This trip down Memory Lane takes me to the site of perhaps the best memories and accomplishments, as well as the biggest personal trials of my life…. after the break.

I lived on York Street for 2 years. I found the apartment on 3rd Street after nearly taking my brothers and sister’s old apartment; a reading of an apartment list and a viewing locked up my choice.

It was (I think) an 800-sq.ft., 1 bedroom apartment, a block away from Louisville’s Central Park, about 8 blocks from the University of Louisville campus. The kitchen and living room were basically 1 room, separated by a mini bar. The bedroom was pretty roomy, sunken a step lower than the living room, while the bathroom was split into the sink in one part and everything else in another part. 

I lived there for a little over 5 years. I met some of my neighbors; they were pretty cool. The apartment was close to a convenient store, a major grocery store, the Downtown branch of the Free Public Library (where I spent a lot of time), and a park.

The 1st year – November 2016 to the end of 2017 – was ok. I didn’t have a lot of things, and almost no furniture, but it was still “home”. I had to leave UofL (money/grades balance was way off), so most of that year was spent working 1 or 2 jobs and playing with the Derby City Knights Drum and Bugle Corps (“DCK”). I didn’t practice in the apartment but did play some in the apartment’s back yard. Got some interesting reactions, too. 😉

2008 was rough. Hours at work were ok but not great, money was ok but not great, and that lead to a lot of bills and rent issues. I survived a major flood in Louisville… but most of my book collection, my camera, and a good chunk of clothes that were in my bedroom did not. I spent a lot of that time reading, wandering around Central Park, and working when I can. It was not the most pleasant year.

I spent much more time in my apartment in 2009… because my Target store closed for a complete tear-down-and rebuild. I took a Separation Package, so I basically spent 6 months away recharging. I caught up and paid off a lot of bills with the Separation money, leaving me a lot of time to simply enjoy things. I had enough money left over from that, tax returns, and unemployment to keep up with bills, rent, and food. I didn’t have a lot friends over but I did enjoy the time at home: porch-sitting, reading, a lot of music-listening, getting deep into video games, and just generally chilling.

Things changed in 2010. After going back to Target in September 2009, I stumbled into ’10, recovering from some illnesses and generally not feeling 100%. A month later, I am undergoing major heart valve surgery. My sister moved in with me for about 5 weeks, keeping an eye on me as I learned to redo such things as walk (yep, I had problems walking up and down stairs). I went back to work (end of April) and back to DCK (mid-May), not entirely 100% but “good enough for government work”, as the saying goes. I worked until September, when I quit for what I thought would be a better opportunity… only for the company to shut down on the week of my interview. Grrr. The rest of 2010 was a haze of unemployment, exhaustion/pain remnants from the surgery, and a tad bit of boredom.

2011, in the 3rd Street apartment, was pretty good… for a while. I went back to Target, got a little money saved up, and managed to stay afloat. I finally got some more furniture for the apartment, including a bar stools, a small entertainment for storage, and a couch from an old Marching Band TA, which was cool.put some posters and other stuff up on the walls to make the place more of a ‘home’, rather than just a ‘house’. I also  Unfortunately, I took a small pay cut to go back to work; hours also went down (not by my choice). It led to a couple of eviction notices, which I managed to take care of in time. It led to a stressful end of 2011, although there were some pretty fun gatherings between Halloween and New Year’s Eve to ease the tension.

My time at “The Dark Portal” ended a week into 2012. Another eviction notice came while I was out of town for a Drum & Bugle Corps tryout. I was counting on my tax returns to cover the rent costs (I didn’t get paid until a week afterwards). The taxes were delayed for a month; my eviction on January 7th was not delayed.

I missed that apartment for a long while. It was roomy, comfortable, and in a pretty nice neighborhood. There were rough times but there were also some really good times. It was definitely a “home”.

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