A friend of mine hosts a “Game Night” on most Friday nights. The following posts are reviews of games that we played during those nights, with a lot of those games being first-time plays for me:

1) Viking war parties ventured into Western Europe, in search of gold, materials, and Victory Points,, in “Fire and Axe”: Fire and Axe

2) In need of a break from the horrors of war, people from all over flock to the “Cavern Tavern” for drinks, food, and entertainment. Wait time subject to change. Cavern Tavern

3) The most adorable card game EVER. THERE ARE KITTENS AND PUPPIES IN BOW TIES AND GLASSES! You’ve Got To Be Kitten Me!

4) A recap of International Tabletop Day – if I keep my current schedule, I’ll be able to stay longer than a few hours in 2018: 2017 International Tabletop Day

5) I didn’t watch the series but I enjoyed the board game for “Battlestar Galactica”: Battlestar Galactica

6) My return to The Sword Coast, years after playing “Baldur’s Gate I, II, and the expansion to II”, happened with this game: Lords of Waterdeep

7) You and the other players are trying to slip love letters to the Princess. Beware – the heart of the Princess is not easily won: Love Letters

8) The most recent post is a review of a fun, dice-crafting, strategy game called “Dice City”: Dice City