Monday night, host of ESPN’s midnight “Sportscenter” Scott Van Pelt had a wonderful interview with friend Tiger Woods. They chatted about his upcoming book, his kids, and his return to the competitive golfing world

SVP, noted BALD HEAD!, also teased Tiger Woods about his receding hair line, prompting some rare looseness and laughter from Tiger. One quote that SVP had was “I’m your GPS – it’s time to come on home! (regarding Woods shaving his head)”.

The following afternoon, ESPN Radio host Bomani Jones (whose 4-7 PM show, when I can listen to parts of it, has moved deep into my “Favorites” list) also mentioned that interview. However, I think I interpreted his (Jones) remarks a little differently. It sounded to me like the “Come on home!” quote that SVP used meant, to Jones, that it was time for Tiger to start thinking about retirement: to “come on home”. If that was how Bomani looked at Tiger, then props to him for giving me something to ponder on the long trip home yesterday.

Bomani mentioned how he (and a lot us in that 30-40+ year old bracket) knew that it was time to come inside from playing when “that streetlight came on”; he said that Tiger’s street light was on but Tiger doesn’t want to come in. Whether the street light was for his hair, his career, or both, it’s a good analogy.

I wouldn’t want to come in, either… although I’m already bald. 😉

What I pondered was the “come on home” street light. I now know what has been nagging me for a while, yet I could not put my finger on it.

The street lights are/were on for a few things. I am still outside.


The street lights came on for college in 1997, for the first time. Money was the issue; I didn’t have any, wasn’t bringing in any, so I literally “went on home”. They came back on, more than once, while at UofL (again: money), until I “went home” in 2007. They’ve tried coming in this semester (work-school overload) but I’ve ignored those lights. Speaking of work:

I “went home” for good, when the “Retail street lights” came on, after ‘sneaking back outside’ a few times for Target, Lowe’s, and Barnes and Noble, in 2015.

I wasn’t so fortunate to ignore the lights that signaled to “come on home” from Drum and Bugle Corps (money, foot health) – they dragged me home in 2013. I am hoping to get one more chance to ignore them and “go back outside” (literally).

It’s now the social side of things where I see street lights coming on. I’m not a guy that spends Friday and Saturday nights at clubs; although I’ve been to a bar or 2, I’m not going to do the bar thing, unless I’m with at least one other person. A section of the people that I would hang out with on late nights or weekends 8-12 years ago are no longer living in Louisville. A big chunk of those that are still here either are no longer available, no longer willing (“I’m old! I can’t stay up past 9:00!” is the most recited reason from those w/o a kiddo… strangely), or I’m not available to get to them or their party/gathering/event. With me now working weekend overnights, those weekend events are not an option any more. It’s a weird dilemma for someone who still isn’t over bad bouts of shyness: I want to get out and do stuff – and I will not use my age as an excuse not to –  but lack of availability and chances are pulling me towards the “social home” door.

So, some street lights are home but I’m not ready to “come on home” yet. I have unfinished business with Drum & Bugle Corps from 2010 and 2013. I’m definitely not ready to come home with school. My hair… it’s already home. Tiger Woods: I can’t speak on his hair but I think he can afford to “stay out” one more year.