I am not sure how to accurately label this incident at work yesterday. I wanted to write it down before I forgot….

One of my jobs is in an office setting; I was checking a document for errors and pulling text from images (basically, typing the words from an uneditable image into a blank section on the page). 

 A few minutes in, I got a little heavy-lidded; I didn’t fall asleep, just felt like eyelids were way too heavy. I then started seeing things like I was standing in my childhood neighborhood, at the bus stop where I normally caught public transit. I could see the interstate overpass, right down the street and I could distinctly smell car exhaust, plus feel a warm breeze but I could also see my screen, typing and checking the PDF I was working on. It was maybe a 30 to 60 second experience. I was a little disoriented a few seconds afterwards. I was further along in my document than I was before that… whatever that was happened, and, after it was proofread, didn’t have any mistakes. 

I am very confident in saying that I didn’t fall asleep. Neither co-worker near me mentioned to me that I had done so. I can’t really call it ‘daydreaming’ because it was just entirely too vivid. So… what happened? Flashback? Vision?