Comicdom Wrecks and Podicus Wrecks

A few weeks ago, I started guest appearing on the “Comicdom Wrecks” podcast, “Podicus Wrecks”. “Comicdom Wrecks” is “a mish-mosh of comic book commentary put together by three friends who have spent most of their adult lives rambling about comic book hijinks” (their words); J.R., Casey, and Jacob are 3 of my best friends. It is almost at its 10th year of operation. “Podicus Wrecks”, while still mainly a comic book podcast, will often delve into other areas, such as movie reviews, game reviews, sports, and pop culture.

I generally don’t write for “Comicdom” – I have read a few comic books but am nowhere near the expertise levels of those 3 – but might add a few words if it’s on something a little more pop-culturally, such as some thoughts on a comic book-based movie. Instead, I will chime in on “Podicus” with J.R. (and other guests), when I can.

Here is a link to Episode 13 of “Podicus” – a  General Sports Thoughts episode:

And a link to Comicdom Wrecks:

Comicdom Wrecks

Check out both and if you enjoyed either, let the Comicdom Wrecks guys know (email and Twitter links are on their page)!

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