Shaun King is an Irksome Necessity within the Movement for Black Lives

A great article, written by Arielle Newton:

Black Millennials

Following the execution of Michael Brown, I dedicated myself to the Movement for Black Lives. I became invested in the struggle to dismantle the surveillance police state, abolish the prison industrial complex, and build a formidable network of independent media outlets beholden to curating radical content from Black creators.

Like thousands — if not millions — I began to follow the investigative work of Shaun King. I didn’t know who he was before Ferguson, but I knew his journalistic contributions on behalf of Black lives were integral to challenging dominant media narratives.

Although not a fan of his writing style, I thought Shaun King to be an emerging storyteller and a diligent fact-checker; a freedom fighter that wielded his pen in pursuit of Black Liberation much in the spirit of James Baldwin, Ida B. Wells, and the scores of Black media makers who used their talents in ways both empowering and transformative.


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