(alternate title: “Close only counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades”)

I have crossed paths with that phrase many times in life. It can be a good thing to be “close… but not quite”: the heart failing in 2010, as opposed to the heart failed, is a very good example. More often than not, that phrase is usually a source of dejection, anger, and frustration.

The recent, and repeating, run-ins with “close…” have occurred on the job-searching fronts and with money (my arch-nemesis), but definitely not limited to them. In searching for a second job (or a new main job) over the last few months and years, I have found open jobs, read their prerequisites, and come to a screeching halt at usually one item that I can’t bypass to apply for said job. For example:

Slightly Fictional Company, Inc. is looking for a System Tester:

-Experience in C++, C#, Ruby a plus (SWEET!)

-An Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Technology, or a related field a plus (Ok… near an Associates… good!)

-Must be available nights and weekends (I am!)

-Must have transportation and be able to travel up to 10% (CRAP.)

It is very annoying to find a potential job… only to have “Must have 2-4 years experience in [this] field” derail you… or to have the experience but “Must be available on weekends” (when the buses may not run) stops you. The “Must have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher” requirement is especially disheartening (and, in waves, insulting).

That was my allowed whine/rant for the season. 😉