Home: The Apartment On York Street


After moving in 2004 from 34th Street, I moved into an Efficiency apartment in Hampton Hall, a set of studio/efficiency apartments off of York Street, just south of Downtown Louisville.

The location of the apartment was great. I was less than a block from the Main Branch of the Louisville Free Public Library. I was within 4 blocks of nearly every possible bus route to school and/or work, and was close to grocery options (Kroger, 2 blocks away), laundromats (4 blocks for one, a 7 minute bus ride to UofL for another), and restaurants/food options (scattered throughout Downtown).

For my 1st apartment, it was nice… for a while. The building was laid out closer to a dorm than what I had originally imagined – 3 apartments on either side of a narrow hall, plus an elevator and stairs at either end of the hall. I didn’t see all of my neighbors much, mainly b/c *I* wasn’t home a bunch, but they were pretty friendly when we did run into each other. I didn’t have much to furnish the place with but I did make it as cozy as possible.

After a few months, the apartment started feeling too enclosed; 300 square feet is not a ton of room. I was becoming restless – I wanted something larger, where I could have family and/or friends over, without them being on top of each other. The final straw came in the summer of 2006, when some new tenants moved in on the floor (4th) above me (3rd). They didn’t bother me with noise; instead, what they would do (according to others) is sit bags of trash outside of their apartment until trash pickup day, then take the trash to the dumpster behind the building. This attracted everything from spiders to roaches, infesting the back half of the 4th floor, and parts of the apartments on the 3rd floor that sat near the stairwell… mine included. They were eventually evicted and the floors cleaned but it was the catalyst that got me to move to what became my favorite place to live, post-34th Street.

I’m not the biggest fan on efficiency or studio apartments as homes, unless it’s for less than 6 months. Overall, York Street was a decent intro to apartment living and living on my own.

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